First Steps

Follow the instructions below to set off on the right foot.

  1. Customize your settings
    • Learning environment – Select your age group and the virtual advisor who will guide you throughout your training.
    • Language and keyboard – Select your platform and your keyboard language and layout.
    • Goals – Select your speed measurement unit and set realistic goals based on your starting level and age.
  2. Start with the preparatory activities
    • Essential tips – Familiarize yourself with our 7 keys to typing success.
    • Initial Test – Measure your initial typing skill and use the result to gauge your progress after the Final Test.
  3. Get going with Typing Pal’s various training activities.
    • Exercises – Use the exercises to learn correct finger placement, then check your progress with the test after each step.
    • Improvement activities – Use the improvement activities to target your weaknesses from time to time.
    • Games – Take a break and have some fun with Typing Pal’s games while simultaneously working on the keyboard zones that give you the most trouble.
    • Texts – Practice your new skills by typing out real texts in a more natural setting.
    • Tests – Use the tests at the end of each step to measure your performance.