Training Activities

Learn all about the activities that make up your training program, then start practicing.


The exercises were developed to gradually introduce new keys. You repeat them often at first, then in combination with the other keys you have learned.

Words made up solely of the letters you have already learned are then introduced randomly so that typing commonly used sequences becomes automatic.

Improvement Activities

Improvement activities are generated automatically by Typing Pal’s algorithm, which analyses your typing and detects the characters or fingers that need the most practice.

Note — Improvement activities are unlocked as soon as you have completed exercises involving at least eight different characters.

You can decide to improve your accuracy, your speed, or both based on your specific needs. Typing Pal will suggest activities that will improve your typing of certain characters or exercise your weaker fingers.

Suggestion — Do the improvement activities as soon as you start encountering difficulties or if you fail an activity. Remember, these exercises were created especially for you!


Once you have learned to type all the keys on the keyboard with all your fingers, practice typing the text in the Move on tab. You can practice typing words and complete sentences in a natural, no-pressure environment. You select an age group in the Environment section of your settings. The collection of texts will then suggest themes and difficulty levels adapted to the age group you have selected.

Note — The texts in the Move on section do not have speed or accuracy goals. However, you can challenge yourself to type them without any errors to earn gold icons.


The tests at the end of each step are constructed like exercises and focus on the keys practiced during that step. The tests of the final step are made up solely of texts.