User Guide for Personal/Home Edition

The Typing Pal team created this user’s guide to help you get the most out of our learn-to-type application. Use it to discover all of Typing Pal’s features, along with tips to help you learn faster. The guide will also answer most of your questions.

If this is your first time using Typing Pal, we recommend you read this chapter.

  • First steps
    • Customize your settings — Select your work environment, language, and keyboard, and set speed and accuracy goals.
    • Preparation — Learn some basic tips and measure your initial skill level.
    • Training — Practice often with a variety of activities.
  • Training plan
    • Winning formula — Stick to our four basic principles to learn the right typing method effectively and efficiently.
    • First lesson — Learn how to approach your first practice session.
    • Long-term planning — Set a training plan for the weeks and months to come.