This chapter introduces Typing Pal’s interface elements and display options.

  • Home Screen
    • Suggested Activity Tiles — Typing Pal welcomes students with two suggested activity tiles when you log in.
  • Language and Keyboard
    • Language — Select your interface language and learning language.
    • Keyboard — Select the keyboard layout that best matches the physical keyboard you will be typing on.
  • Learning Environment
    • Select your learning environment by selecting the age group that best meets your needs.
  • Feedback
    • Entertaining Animations and Keyboard Viewer — Discover the entertaining animations and the keyboard viewer, two viewing modes that encourage you to look at the screen while typing.
    • Audio Notification — An audio notification lets you know if you’ve reached your targets. This option can be disabled for a silent environment.
  • Display Options for Activities
    • Configure your display to create an optimal work interface.
  • Keyboard Navigation
    • Learn to navigate using your keyboard.