Play is a great way to learn. The Typing Pal games provide a different and entertaining way to learn and perfect your typing by targeting different areas of the keyboard. You can Access games by clicking on the Games link in the Move on tab.

Monkeys in Jeopardy

Scenario : A violent storm is raging through the forest. Monkeys have been carried away by gusts of wind and are falling into the river. By correctly typing characters, you can extend them a vine and help them back to safety.

Cosmik Ball

Scenario: A “cosmic ball” is about to explode and destroy the galaxy. It is the space octopus’s mission to keep the ball captive with its laser-equipped tentacles. A shield energized by correctly typed characters will keep the ball from exploding.

Typing Characters

Select from five game modes, each targeting one or more rows on the keyboard. Set yourself various challenges and perfect different areas of the keyboard.

Difficulty Levels

Select from among three difficulty levels, each presenting its own special challenge.

  • Beginner — Speed increases slowly, but the points accumulate slowly too.
  • Intermédiaire — Speed increases gradually, and points accumulate normally.
  • Expert — Speed increases quickly, but the points pile up quickly too!

High Scores

Each game mode has its own high score list that displays your ranking compared with other members of the family (if applicable).