Bulk Edit

Bulk editing allows you to apply settings to or change options for multiple accounts, groups and schools. For example, you could edit the learning environment for several groups at once or set a new speed target for only half the students in a group.

Bulk Editing Procedure

  1. Click the tab corresponding to the information you want to edit (Schools, Teachers, Groups or Students);
  2. Select all items in the list by checking off the box to the left of the column headings or select a subset of list items by checking off their corresponding boxes.
  3. Click the More menu and choose Edit.
  4. Edit settings and options as needed, then click Edit to apply the changes to the selected items.

Note — Groups can only be assigned to teachers by bulk editing at the School or Teacher level of the management interface.

Option Status

When a box is checked off, the corresponding option is available to all selected items. When a box is unchecked, the option is unavailable to the selected items. When a checkbox contains a horizontal bar, the option is only available to some of the selected items.

Canceling Edits

An undo arrow is displayed whenever you edit a setting or option. Click it to cancel the edit and revert to the previous configuration. However once you have clicked the Edit button, your changes are applied and the previous configuration is lost.