Management Structure


A Typing Pal subscription may cover one school or multiple schools, making it easier to centrally manage all institutions within a district. The subscription is identified by a unique subscription code. Only the super administrator can access the Subscription level of the management interface, from which all accounts and settings for all schools covered by the subscription are managed.


A school encompasses associated teacher accounts, student accounts and groups. Each school is attributed a custom URL for accessing its login page. Only the super administrator can create a new school, but they can delegate management of a school’s accounts and settings to a school administrator, if they so choose. The school administrator account is inseparable from the school to which it is attributed and can manage all accounts and settings for that institution from the School level of the management interface.


A group consists of a set of student accounts, usually belonging to members of the same class. A group is always attributed to one main teacher, and may also be assigned additional teacher accounts to assist with its management. A group’s settings customize the experience for assigned students by defining options such as the default interface appearance, age group, grading scale, training targets, student account permissions, etc. Teachers are granted most of the management privileges for their groups, as well as for the associated student accounts. However, the super administrator or school administrator can restrict these privileges at the school level.