Key Concepts

Before delving into this User Guide, make sure you understand the key concepts presented in this chapter.

  • Management Structure
    • Subscription — Learn about management at the subscription level and how it covers one or more schools.
    • School — Learn about schools and how they allow for the delegation of group and account management.
    • Group — Learn about groups and how they let teachers manage training for all the students in a class.
  • Accounts
    • Super Administrator — Learn about the super administrator’s overarching privileges and responsibilities.
    • School Administrator — Learn how school administrators serve to delegate account management locally.
    • Teacher — Learn about teachers’ group-management responsibilities and the limitations on the role’s scope.
    • Student — Learn how administrators and teachers manage student accounts and their permissions.
  • Navigation
    • General Navigation— Find what you are looking for in the main management interface.
    • List Navigation — Navigate lists effectively.
  • Searching, Filtering, Sorting and Selecting
    • Searching — Perform a search in a list.
    • Filtering — Select a subset of criteria.
    • Sorting — Sort accounts according to column headings.
    • Selecting — Select accounts using keyboard shortcuts.