The Importance of a Good Typing Technique


Make students aware of the importance of learning a good typing technique for their personal and professional lives.


Approximately 25 minutes

Activity Plan

  1. Divide your class into teams of four.
  2. Ask each team to list ten activities for each sphere of life (work, leisure, and daily life) that involve the use of a keyboard.
  3. Teams take turns to share with the class one activity from each sphere of life. Write these on the board. Keep going until you have three sets of ten activities each.
  4. Ask your students some questions. What conclusions can they make from looking at the lists on the board? Do they use a keyboard in every area of their lives? Do people nowadays need to know how to use a keyboard? Encourage them to reflect on the importance of mastering a good typing technique in order to be efficient in all areas of their professional and personal lives.