Hidden Keys


Test your students’ visual memory and keyboard recognition.


10 minutes

Materials required

  • Worksheet no. 5


To complete this activity, students must be familiar with the position of at least 10 keys on the keyboard.


At the bottom of Worksheet no. 5, write the characters that the students have already practiced in Typing Pal.

Then, write the characters that they have not yet practiced in Typing Pal onto the keyboard image on Worksheet no. 5.

Photocopy this modified worksheet for each of your students.


List of characters to write: I - R - U - V - M - G - E

Activity plan

  1. Give a copy of the modified version of Worksheet no. 5 to each of your students.
  2. Ask them to write the characters listed at the bottom of their sheet onto the corresponding keys.
  3. Once they have finished, review the correct answers as a class.


This activity can easily be adapted to make it more challenging. Indeed, you could even give each of your students a long list of characters to place on an almost-empty keyboard image. You could focus on left-hand characters, right-hand characters, the top row... for this exercise, the possibilities are endless!