Personalizing the Program

Typing Pal offers an efficient training program while still allowing you to make certain adjustments to suit your students or your own teaching style. Below are some of the advanced features for tailoring your training program.

Access to Activities

The exercises under the Learning tab have been designed to introduce new keys gradually, repeating them often at the outset, then alternating with other keys that have already appeared in previous exercises.

Since the activities use characters that have already been introduced, the program, by default, only lets students complete the activities in the suggested order. They must successfully complete all the exercises in a given step before they can take the test.

However, you might wish to override this feature to reflect your own teaching requirements.

For example, if you want to supervise your students’ work, you can lock access to the tests so they can’t be done at home.

You might like to give your students the freedom to complete activities in any order so that they can master the drills before getting started on special characters.

Finally, you can block access to games if you prefer to keep them as a reward.

Personalized Targets

Choose speed and accuracy targets for your whole group based on their training program and skill level.

You always have the option to make adjustments for specific students so that everyone has a challenge adapted to their individual abilities.


When students have practiced typing all the keys and using all their fingers, they are ready to move on to the texts under the Progress tab.

By default, the three collections of texts cannot be modified, but you can add new original collections.

You might like to create a new text collection linked to a writing project, lessons, or vocabulary that you want students to study.

Improvement Activities

The improvement activities are automatically generated by Typing Pal’s algorithm, which analyzes the student’s typing and detects which characters or fingers need more practice.

These exercises therefore offer your students a set of personalized activities, adapted to their individual needs.