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Our Fun Facts of 2022

Even if you follow us closely on Facebook, you might have missed some of our fun and educational posts covering all kinds of keyboard-related topics. That’s why we’ve put together a recap of the year. Get your fill of anecdotes to entertain your children, captivate your students, or feed your curiosity.

Cozy Emoji

Send a kiss (°3°) or a hug \(^o^)/ that will not go unnoticed with a “kaomoji”, a Japanese style of emoji that mostly uses special characters. It’ll put your skills at typing these keys to the test!

Emoji pickers aren’t just for phones. There is a keyboard shortcut to open them just as easily on your computer. Press the Windows + . keys together, or, on a Mac, use the combination Ctrl + + Espace.

Typing Left, Right and Center

Map your keyboard activity as you type! Have fun with an interactive heatmap, which illustrates the distribution and frequency of characters in the text you enter into it.

Did you know that lefties have an advantage on the keyboard? They can use their dominant hand for the most commonly used letters, including E, T and A.

Which word can you type using only the letters on the first row of the keyboard (QWERTYUIOP)? We found TYPEWRITER. Coincidence? We don’t think so! 😉

Keys Overseas

It’s estimated that every time you hit the space bar on your keyboard, more than half a million people around the world do it at the same time. Remember that you always have company when you do your Typing Pal exercises!

The space bar on Japanese keyboards is tiny compared to ours. But why? Characters are rarely separated with spaces. This key is therefore much less important in the Land of the Rising Sun.


Did you know that June 28 is WORLD CAPITAL DAY? 🙉 It’s an excuse to have fun “screaming” on social media for the day. But typing your capital letters well is serious business every day of the year. Read our tips on this!

Why are the letters on a keyboard uppercase, even though typing them generates a lowercase letter? 😯 Probably because of the more distinctive shape of capital letters like JIL (rather than jil). It is also the legacy of the first typewriters, which featured only capital letters. With on-screen keyboards, the key display finally matches the case of the character. 😌

No-Sweat Exercises

Typing burns an additional 20 calories per hour. That’s the equivalent of half a cucumber. 🥒 Typing Pal exercises aren’t the best for losing weight! 🏋️

While not great for weight loss, our exercises can certainly help with agility. Maybe this keyboard covered in elvish characters straight from the Tolkien universe will inspire you to type with Legolas’ legendary swiftness!

An Impossible Feat

The American writer Aram Saroyan created this one-letter poem that is impossible to type: a four-legged version of the letter “m”!

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