Articles - February 19, 2020 - 1 minute

Five Bad Typing Habits To Avoid

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It’s very easy to acquire bad habits when you are learning to type. Watch out for these five!

1— Looking at the keyboard while typing

Not only does it prevent you from practicing your fingering, looking at the keyboard also slows you down and makes you type less accurately. It’s far more difficult to notice mistakes when you’re not looking at the screen. Use the two raised keys “F” and “J” to position your fingers while keeping your eyes off the keyboard.

2— Poor posture

Poor posture while working can lead to back and neck pain. Make sure to sit up, keep your back straight and maintain a distance of 45–70 cm between the screen and your eyes.

3— Typing with incorrect fingering

Positioning your fingers correctly allows you to have at least one of your fingers within reach of each key. As much as it might seem difficult sometimes, this method is far more effective. Here’s a tip: keep your wrists at right angles to the keyboard while typing.

4— Focusing on speed at the expense of accuracy

While it’s true that the number of words typed per minute can serve as a measure of your typing ability, accuracy still takes priority. Remember, speed comes with accuracy!

5— Unrealistic expectations

It can be hard to change your typing habits. But if you arm yourself with patience and determination you’ll see results!

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