Improvements 2018

Top Improvements

On June 26, we launched our annual update to Typing Pal, boasting a refreshed, modern look and even richer and more varied content. Here are its top seven new features:

Log in With Clever

Clever’s single sign-on system is now compatible with Typing Pal. It joins those of Google and Office 365 to give you even more one-click login options.

Unified Interface

Students of all ages will now be brought together under one updated working interface with no disruption to their browsing habits. This unification provides a smooth transition for students moving between age groups.

Achievements Panel

Students will be able to access the brand-new achievements panel at any time from their avatar, allowing them to quickly check how far they have come. It will show them a new achievement level, badges collected, stars won, as well as their average speed and accuracy.

More Intuitive Icons

All of the training activities will benefit from a complete revamp of their icons, which will give a clearer illustration of the type and status of the activity. This way, students will quickly spot which activities need to be done or repeated.

A New Type of Exercise

Learning will be enhanced with the addition of 30 new drill-based exercises. They will help students work on their muscle memory by focusing on common character sequences. In English, this includes words ending in -ness, -ing, -ion, and many more.

144 New Texts

Four themed sets of twelve training texts have been added for each of Typing Pal’s three age groups. In total, 144 new texts open windows onto the history and richness of the world.

A Spectrum of Avatars

Nearly 50 colorful portraits are now available in addition to the existing creatures and photos. With this third collection of avatars, students will have no trouble finding a digital image to suit their personality.

All Improvements


  • Complete revamp of the graphical interface, unified for all age groups
  • New achievements panel (accessible from the avatar), showing the following information:
    • An achievement level represented by a diagram showing the percentage of completed activities
    • Average speed
    • Average accuracy
    • Percentage of badges collected
    • Percentage of stars collected
    • Shortcut functionality for each of these items (leading to the activities log or the list of badges)
  • Complete revamp of the activity icons for a clearer indication of the activity type and status
  • Inclusion of collected badges before each step in the Exercises page
  • Inclusion of collected badges before each section in the Training Texts page
  • Inclusion of collected badges in the progress indicator located at the top of the Exercises page
  • Added progress indicator at the top of the Training Texts page
  • Improved presentation of coaches (various looks and clothing styles)


  • 30 new drill-based exercises focusing on muscle memory for common character sequences such as -ness, -ing and -ion
  • 144 new training texts, divided among four themed sets of twelve texts for each of the three age groups
  • Six additional badges to win for these new exercises and training texts


  • New login mode using the Clever application
  • Option for students without email addresses to request a replacement for a lost password from the login page


  • 49 new “portrait”-type avatars
  • Added tab for selecting from the three avatar collections (creatures, photos and portraits)

Management Tools

  • Option to search by student identification number
  • Simplified password reset mechanism for students
  • Visually improved management emails sent by the application (upon subscription renewal, for example)


  • Synchronization of student log entries with their school’s time zone
  • Correction of a positioning problem for some speech bubbles
  • Correction of minor content errors