Improvements 2017

Top Improvements

On June 27, we launched Typing Pal Online’s annual update. More customizable than ever before, this latest version introduces a number of remarkable improvements. Make sure to check its top 10 new features.

Batch Import to Update Accounts

We have completely overhauled the import and export modes for Excel and CSV files. You can now effortlessly edit, move and delete hundreds of student accounts at a time, or even add your own institution’s student ID reference to each account.

Office 365 Login

After Google Sign-In, we’ve integrated another streamlined authentication process to Typing Pal. All students with an Office 365 account enjoy logging in with one click. It’s fast and simple.

State-of-the-art Privacy Protection

A new privacy policy, combined with continuous improvement to our security procedures, makes Typing Pal a safe application where students’ privacy is better protected than ever before.

Fonts for Students With Special Needs

New customized fonts will greatly help students who struggle with lookalike letters. Serif and monospaced fonts, which are easier to distinguish, may be chosen by those with special needs.

Video Tips for All

Teachers and administrators will regularly discover interesting tips on their Typing Pal news feed. We invite you to tune in and become power users! Moreover, the “7 Keys to Success in Learning to Type” video, designed to help students discover best practices in keyboarding, has been revamped.

Targeted Reset

You can now reset your students’ results for specific activity categories you wish them to start over, such as exercises, practice texts, games and tests. All other results will be kept safe.

Neutral Avatars

You told us that older students had outgrown our set of funky avatars. It’s time for them to try out our new set, carefully picked to appeal to a larger audience.

New Speed Measurement

Speed measurement reaches a whole new level of sophistication. You can now set, measure and display your students’ keyboarding speed in characters per minute. You may switch back to the word per minute display at anytime. So give it a try!

Enhanced Student Settings

Should you enable them, settings now provide students with new options such as the possibility to choose from one of three learning environments, as well as to modify their virtual keyboard configuration to match the one they are currently using.

Revamped User Guide

Discovering and mastering all of Typing Pal’s features has never been easier. Our web-based user guide, filled with pedagogically sound advice, now boasts helpful screencasts and a new chapter dedicated to the student interface, including its numerous settings.

All Improvements

Import and Export

  • Fully redesigned import mechanism for adding, modifying, and deleting student accounts in batch mode
  • New shortcuts in the management tools allowing to import new elements directly from student, teacher and school files
  • Addition of a field allowing a unique external identifier to be specified for students (e.g. their student ID).
  • Processing of columns in any order (provided that headings are included)
  • Intelligent support for the possible variants in column headings (e.g. first name/student’s first name/FIRST NAME, etc.)
  • Ability to import files without column headings
  • Ability to reimport an updated file that was previously exported from Typing Pal
  • Native support for Excel format
  • New Excel import templates
  • Revamped CSV import templates
  • New interface allowing a file to be previewed before importing it, thereby reducing manipulation errors
  • Better detection of duplicates when importing
  • After importing, insertion of colored bullets, allowing items that have been modified or added to be quickly identified
  • Improved layout of the import error window
  • If an import operation fails, access to a file with the list of errors to be corrected
  • Contextual error messages


  • New Office 365 login mode
  • Improved procedure for recovering a lost password


  • New privacy policy
  • New message displayed notifying super administrators when a modification materially changes the protections outlined in the policy
  • Modified architecture for storing student accounts, facilitating the elimination of personal data from the archiving system
  • New mechanism for automatically deleting student accounts that have remained inactive for more than one year (the super administrator can disable this mechanism)


  • New introductory video.
  • Twenty-four new practice texts in “The Office” collection
  • Name of the current activity displayed in the browser tab
  • Achievement certificate grayed out to show that it has not yet been obtained
  • Better display of games’ status when they’re locked by the teacher
  • Warning message to students who try to repeat the initial test
  • New progress bar in the “Badges” page

Student Settings

  • Complete redesign of the “Profile and Student settings” section
  • New display parameter allowing for the use of serif or monospaced fonts
  • New setting allowing speed to be displayed in characters per minute (this setting can be blocked by the teacher)

New collection of avatars

  • New thumbnail displaying the keyboard corresponding to the settings chosen by the student
  • New thumbnail of the learning environment chosen by the student
  • New thumbnail displaying recommended speed targets by age and level

Teacher and Administrator Settings

  • Advanced controls allowing results to be reset for certain types of activities (exercises, games, texts, improvement activities), enabling students to start these activities again without losing other results
  • New setting allowing speed to be displayed in characters per minute
  • New display parameter allowing for the use of serif or monospaced fonts
  • New setting allowing the super administrator to disable the mechanism for automatically deleting student accounts that have remained inactive for more than one year

Management Tools

  • New page allowing teachers to view the list of badges earned by the students
  • Dynamic integration of the newsfeed and tips
  • New button added to save changes to the sequence of exercises and tests
  • New column showing the date student accounts were last modified
  • New column showing the date of teachers’ last login
  • New option to sort on these columns
  • More precise validation of certain fields within forms

User Guide

  • Completely revised user guide with a new chapter dedicated to the student interface
  • Integrated explanatory videos
  • Dynamic HTML layout
  • Ability to bookmark certain sections through the use of HTML anchors, making sharing easier
  • “See Also” sections added, making it easier to access related topics
  • Labels added allowing new features and improvements to be quickly identified
  • PDF version available for download


  • Improved transitions in Google Chrome when manipulating windows
  • Fix for a problem making it impossible to restart the timer after pausing an activity on the last character
  • Fix for a problem allowing the dialog of an expired session to be displayed while the session was still active
  • Fixes for Several minor display problems