Improvements 2016

Top Improvements

On July 4, we deployed Typing Pal Online’s latest annual update. This new version was carefully crafted to give you simplified, quicker access to richer and more diverse content. Here are its top 10 new features:

Simplified Login

Get started in no time with a new streamlined authentication process, including the option to log in using your Google account with Google Sign-In.

More Activities

Rekindle your students’ interest and help them reach higher levels of typing skills with an expanded curriculum. We’ve added over 200 exercises and practice texts for your students to work on.

Timed Tests

Set new standards and refine your assessment method with new timed tests lasting one, two or three minutes.

Performance Badges

Cheer on your students when they earn new badges designed to foster their perseverance and encourage them to reach higher goals. There are 54 colorful badges to collect!

Kudos for Accuracy

Reaching a target is great, but achieving perfection is even better! Now, when the accuracy for any given exercise hits 100%, students unlock a golden activity icon.

Custom Sign-In URL

Access your Typing Pal account directly with a custom sign-in URL, such as You don’t have to remember the school code anymore, saving you one step when you log in.

Personalized Achievement Certificate

When the final test is completed, a personalized diploma is automatically created and displayed to students in recognition of their success.

Better Coaches

In addition to their visual makeover, our coaches are now star in 10 brand new animations. What’s more, their new comments will inspire your students and guide them through their training.

Keyboard Navigation

The keys , , , and can now be used to select the “Watch the replay”, “Restart” and “Next activity” functions. With no more need for the mouse, the hands gain efficiency by retaining an optimal position on the keyboard between activities.

Shortcut to Statistics

Quick access to students’ statistics is no longer reserved for administrators. As a teacher, you can now see them with a single click using a smart shortcut in the management window.

All Improvements


  • New Google Sign-in login mode
  • The ability to create a custom login URL for schools, such as
  • Fully revamped login and signup pages
  • Improved search for users who forget their custom URL or school code


  • More than 200 new texts and exercises
  • Introduction of timed tests lasting one, two or three minutes
  • A new golden icon showing exercises successfully completed with 100% accuracy
  • New animated star display upon successful completion of an exercise with 100% accuracy
  • New exercises consisting of additional special characters
  • New exercises consisting exclusively of words
  • The ability to select the “Watch the replay”, “Restart” and “Next activity” functions without using the mouse
  • Improved default layout of the typing area in exercises with an easier-to-follow cursor and slightly larger characters
  • The ability to block certain activities and display their locked icons in the exercises panel
  • Revised and reorganized content in collections of texts
  • Fully rewritten messages of encouragement displayed after an activity
  • Reconfigured difficulty levels: some exercises are easier while others are harder
  • A visual makeover for Typing Pal coaches
  • Disabling of certain keys during activities to avoid accidental interruptions
  • Removal of animations from the replay window to maximize available space
  • New icons for improvement activities


  • The introduction of badges to collect in celebration of students’ achievements
  • A new notification system for badges earned
  • An added menu to access recent notifications
  • Automatic creation of a personalized achievement certificate upon successful completion of the final test

Management Tools

  • New “Statistics” tab allowing teachers to access all of their groups’ statistics with a single click
  • New “Advanced settings” section in the group creation dialog, including an option to choose the collection of texts to use with a group
  • Added tooltips and information bubbles
  • An added shortcut for creating a first group upon student account creation
  • Harmonization of terminology


  • 10 new entertaining animations to replace old ones
  • The ability for students to choose to display either the keyboard viewer or the entertaining animations


  • Use of the SSL internet communications security protocol throughout the service
  • Acceptance of more special characters for password creation


  • Various display problems fixed
  • Problem causing superimposed best/worst finger icons on the speed and accuracy diagrams fixed
  • Improved text display to prevent the accidental splitting of words
  • Improved management of “Caps Lock on” messages
  • Problem preventing test results from being saved after completion fixed
  • Improved performance and stability in automatic text scrolling
  • Readjustment of certain visual elements to improve compatibility with high pixel density displays
  • Problem with password changing from the settings fixed
  • Improved layout of the student log to prevent truncated columns
  • Added confirmation message after a password is changed using the reset password form
  • More reliable username validation
  • Problem preventing students’ targets from being adjusted fixed