Improvements 2015

Top Improvements

On July 3, Typing Pal enjoyed its most significant makeover in recent years. With increased compatibility and a redesigned interface, here are its top ten new features.

iPad Ready

Typing Pal will now run on an iPad paired with a Bluetooth keyboard. Students just need to log in and type—no download required!

Optimized for Chromebook

Smart resizing functions have been added to improve user experience. And Typing Pal’s dynamic keyboard viewer now perfectly matches the Chromebook’s. unique layout.

Rebooted Games

Typing Pal’s educational games have been completely revamped. They offer an improved design and the option to focus on different areas of the keyboard.

Better Keyboard Display

Thanks to the dynamic keyboard viewer’s smart color scheme, it has never been easier to learn which finger to use for each key.

Live Feedback

Major interface improvements include a live display of statistics such as speed and accuracy. Or not! As is the case with the games, teachers decide what students can see.

Shortcuts to Improvement

With new quick links, both in the student log and at the end of exercises, it’s easy for students to improve on their most recent performance.

Replay Mode

Typing fast is a demanding sport. With the new replay mode, teachers can be coaches, looking back on a performance and giving specific advice.

Dynamic Exercise Statuses

When teachers raise speed or accuracy targets, the completion status of exercises will now change accordingly. More ambitious targets give exercises a longer life.

Easy Account Access

It is now much easier for students to register. Also, login information may be sent to selected teachers with a single click.


With no less than 30 colorful avatars now available, students are sure to find one to match their personality.

All Improvements

On July 3, Typing Pal enjoyed its most significant makeover in recent years. Here are all 70 new features.


  • Compatibility with iOS and ChromeOS platforms
  • Display of students’ names in each activity
  • New user menu for quick access to profile options
  • New animations, such as the hot air balloon on the homepage of the TGIF environment*
  • A modified TGIF environment that makes full use of high-resolution displays*
  • Visual adjustments and updates across all environments

Typing Analyzer

  • A fully revamped typing analyzer, providing better performance and accuracy on the latest browsers
  • The option to start an activity again at any time with no need to refresh the page
  • The option to pause an activity at any time
  • Automatic pausing whenever the application is placed in the background*
  • The collection of more accurate statistics based on each press of a key, rather than characters
  • Real-time calculation of statistics
  • Automatic detection of accidental Caps Lock*


  • A fully redesigned interface
  • Compatibility with browsers’ manual resizing controls*
  • Smart resizing according to screen size
  • Smart scrolling, allowing users to read continuously as they type, not page-by-page
  • The option to scroll manually through text
  • The option to select and copy text
  • Keyboard shortcuts for quick access to the pause and restart functions
  • Real-time display of the following statistics: accuracy, number of mistakes, speed, elapsed time, progress in the text (displayed as a bar or percentage, or the number of completed or remaining characters)

Video Replay

  • The option to replay an activity straight after finishing it
  • Additional access to this feature via the student log and the teacher’s admin tools
  • A display showing real-time statistics during the video replay

Instructions Panel

  • Integration with the activities themselves
  • Simply presented targets that clearly show the maximum number of mistakes
  • Direct access to typing directions for each character in the activity
  • The option to navigate between sets of instructions without using the mouse
  • The option to close the instructions panel at any time and proceed straight to the activity
  • The option to show the instructions at any time during the activity via the pause function

Keyboard Viewer

  • Specific adaptations for Windows, OS X and ChromeOS keyboards
  • The use of colors to help users associate keys with particular fingers
  • Animated instructions showing how to type characters that require a sequence of multiple keys
  • The option to change the layout of the Enter key regardless of the keyboard language
  • Added visual markers on the F and J keys showing the starting point for each index finger
  • Subtler animated hands that better illustrate the correct position

Options Panel

  • Integration between this new panel and the activities themselves
  • The option to hide real-time statistics
  • The option to underscore mistakes in the text
  • The option to hide the instructions panel at the beginning of exercises
  • The option to briefly display mistakes during the exercises
  • For some activities, the option to type directly into the text

Results Panel

  • A completely new layout
  • Results shown with more specific messages
  • A button that launches the video replay
  • A button that leads straight to the next activity


  • Different game modes that focus on specific areas of the keyboard
  • Leaderboards specific to these modes
  • Access to the leaderboards before beginning a game
  • Fresh graphics and sounds


  • 30 fun, colorful characters to choose from
  • Automatic assignment of avatars to a group
  • An algorithm to minimize duplicate avatars when adding students to a group

Student’s Log

  • Direct access to the log via the Results tab
  • The option to sort results by clicking on column headings
  • The option to repeat an activity by clicking on its title
  • Improved layout

Skill Enhancement

  • A new mode aimed at helping users improve their weakest fingers
  • Easier access to skill enhancement activities through new shortcuts in the exercises index
  • Improved layout

Management Tools

  • Bulk sending of login information to selected teachers
  • An integrated support form enabling easy access to customer service
  • The option for teachers to block access to games
  • The option for teachers to personalize the activities’ display options
  • An added option to recalculate whether a student passes or fails an activity after a group’s targets change
  • Updated guides

Registration Form

  • Simplified one-step registration
  • An added field for teacher selection, allowing filtering of the groups list
  • Clearer flagging of format errors
  • The option to select an avatar upon registration

*Only available on some platforms, technology permitting.