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5 Reasons Why Paying for a Typing Tutorial Application is Better Than Using a Free Version

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The Internet is overflowing with mini-games and tiny web applications that allow you to practice your typing for free. So why pay for a program like Typing Pal? If this many people choose to buy a subscription, there must be a good reason. In fact, there are several! Read on to find out more.

1. No Ads

Free applications are largely funded by the ads they display. These ads—especially the animated ones—are distracting and stop you from fully assimilating the correct typing technique. Children are especially vulnerable to this distraction. Such negative effects are well recognized, and many countries have banned ads aimed at children. By choosing a paid-for application, you can provide your children with a digital environment that’s free of ads and more conducive to their learning.

2. Greater Security

Online security measures are evolving rapidly and require ongoing updates and improvements. At Typing Pal, this is one of our main priorities, and we have several procedures in place to protect our users, including:

  • A secure data transfer system.
  • Secure servers.
  • Encryption of stored data.

Companies that produce free applications generally do not have the means to maintain these kinds of safety measures, nor is it in their interest to do so.

3. Privacy Guaranteed

As well as secure methods of storing data, active measures also need to be taken to ensure data remains private. Among other advantages, this means your data cannot be sold to other companies. The Typing Pal Privacy Policy clearly outlines our commitments in this regard.

  • We do not sell, trade, rent or otherwise provide personal information and user data to any advertisers or third parties.
  • We do not use or disclose any user information for behavioral targeting of advertisements.
  • We do not collect or use personal information and user data for non-educational purposes.

Druide Informatique, the company that produces Typing Pal, makes every effort to comply with the most established standards for safeguarding personal information.

4. More Advanced Training

Most of the free applications available provide keyboard practice, but they do not teach you how to type. Their activities often lack a clear progression, and nor do they provide an in-depth training plan. Typing Pal, on the other hand, provides a complete training program with structured lessons to help you get started, then master the keys and the characters, accompanied by training texts, evaluation tests, and educational games. In addition, powerful algorithms produce tailored improvement exercises according to the particular challenges encountered by each user.

5. Many More Features!

By paying for an application, you benefit from sophisticated features and extra options. For example, Typing Pal includes video replay, advanced statistics, and automatic analysis of your typing to identify your strengths and weaknesses. A range of motivational strategies encourages users to keep improving, with virtual coaches and badges to collect. The management tools in the School and Home Editions let you follow children’s progress and adjust the training program’s settings. Typing Pal’s dedicated development team works hard to make ongoing improvements year after year, and the different editions come with an impressive list of features.

The Exception That Proves the Rule

Not all free applications are bad. Even Typing Pal has a free trial version! With it, you benefit from all the safety and privacy features, as well as the ad-free experience, of our paid editions. You can use the trial version as long as you like, but you only have access to some of the content. Schools have access to a 30-day free trial of the full subscription. Simply request a quote.

After trying it out, you will probably want to subscribe so that you can enjoy the full range of activities and features.

You’ll see that paying for your application… pays off! 😉

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