Tips - January 20, 2022 - 2 min

How to Set Up a Typing Practice Routine

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The new year often brings resolutions that are not all easy to keep! If you have decided to improve your typing speed this next year, congratulations! Typing Pal will give you all the tools needed to achieve this. But the key to success, beyond choosing this learning method, is to practice regularly. Here are our tips for establishing and maintaining a routine to quickly become a keyboard ace.

Define Your Typing Pal Routine

Start by setting the right parameters for the practice sessions that will make up your routine.

  • Duration: plan for short sessions (about 15 minutes).
  • Frequency: practice every day, ideally, or choose which days of the week you will do so (at least four).
  • Content: Typing Pal gives you a wealth of options. Alternate between learning exercises, texts, improvement activities and even games.

Important: count the time devoted to each session rather than the number of activities completed (the duration of which varies). You’ll better reinforce your routine this way.

Choose the Right Moment

A good way to establish a new routine is to include it in your current routine. Examine your daily habits and identify the right time for your Typing Pal sessions.

If you regularly use a computer, we recommend that you practice at the start of each session. Since you’re already in the right environment and you still have a fresh mind, this is the ideal time to practice. In addition, you will be able to apply the finger placements you learn in a real context right after. Not to mention the satisfaction of this little daily accomplishment… it’s like making your bed in the morning!


  • To give more weight to your new routine, talk about it and publicly commit to following it. Your loved ones will be your best allies in encouraging you and respecting the time you devote to your daily Typing Pal sessions.
  • If you have the family edition, why not implement the same routine together? It’s a safe bet that some friendly competition will arise.
  • Make your routine official by writing your Typing Pal sessions in your calendar, and scheduling reminders on your phone to respect the time of day you have chosen.
  • Set a deadline for obtaining your certificate of achievement, which is awarded at the very end of the learning exercises. Give yourself 3 to 6 months to achieve this, a period that varies depending on the ambition of your target speed and the rigour of your practice routine.
  • Follow your progress on the Results tab, to check your attendance, identify your weaknesses and give yourself short-term goals.
  • Continue with your routine for several weeks after reaching your target speed to firmly entrench your new skill.

We hope you stick to your new routine with these tips. And once your practice routine is in place, why not start badge hunting? Read our article How to Earn all the Badges to find out all about it! Happy practice!

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