Tips - September 21, 2021 - 0 minutes

Giving Your First Lesson With Typing Pal

School Edition

If you’ll be teaching your first lesson soon and need to quickly get up to speed with Typing Pal’s School Edition, we have two pedagogical resources to recommend.

1. Start-Up Guide

Our start-up guide is a 10-page PDF document. It gives you a brief overview of Typing Pal, perfect for familiarizing yourself with the application or as a refresher if you haven’t used it for a while.

>> Consult the Guide

2. Planning the Training

The Planning the Training section of our pedagogical resources contains useful suggestions to help you make a game plan. It includes some general principles that you can use to personalize your students’ training, a suggested plan for your first lesson, and a roadmap for planning the training over the course of the year.

>> Check it out here

And that’s only the beginning! You’ll find lots more useful information and handy tools in our free-to-access pedagogical resources. Why not discover them for yourself?

Learn to type faster!

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