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Stretch Without Leaving Your Office Chair

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Here are some simple exercises to reinvigorate you after spending a long time in front of the computer. Take the time to do them between two videoconferences or two Typing Pal training activities. Your body will thank you and your attention will be renewed to better continue with your day.

These exercises are discreet and done without leaving your desk, so repeat them as often as you like. Let’s go from top to bottom!


  • Blink a few times, squeezing the eyelids to stimulate lubrication of the cornea. This will prevent dryness and eye strain.
  • Release the neck muscles by rotating the head a few times from shoulder to shoulder, keeping the chin pointed towards the chest.


  • Roll your shoulders three or four times forward, then back.
  • Disengage the trapezoids by crossing the fingers of your hands and pushing the palms in front of you. Hold the pose for ten seconds.


  • Quickly move your fingers through the air, like on an imaginary grand piano.
  • Stretch your forearms and wrists: with one hand, gently pull the fingertips of the other hand up, then push the back of the hand down. Repeat, reversing the hands.


  • Still seated in your chair, raise one foot straight in front of you. Hold for a few seconds, then switch legs. You can also lift both feet at the same time. Beware of swivel chairs and chairs on wheels!
  • Stand up and jump lightly while shaking your arms. When you go to sit down, stop the right before touching the chair and get up; repeat this squat two or three times, and finally sit down.

There you go, you can now get back to work! But are your posture and working environment adequate? Consult our ergonomic advice to make sure.

If you are running a class and want to educate your students on these good habits, try our Imitation Game. Nothing could be easier with our worksheet at the ready!

Take a seat with your back straight like an i to improve your typing technique. 😁

Learn to type faster!