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Games: Play Hard to Train Hard

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Typing Pal features three games so learners of all abilities can have fun while practicing their technique. As users play through them in order, the number of keys engaged increases, as does the level of complexity: Cosmik Ball involves typing single characters, Monkeys in Jeopardy whole words and Magical Duel phrases. Perfect for keeping players on their toes, they spice things up by offering a change of pace and new character interactions.

Introducing the Games

Cosmik Ball

A cosmic ball on the verge of explosion threatens the galaxy. A space octopus has been entrusted with keeping the ball captive using its pulsing laser tentacles. Typing the right character activates the shield and stops the ball from escaping.

Players type one character at a time in this game. The display lets them anticipate the next keystroke, making it an ideal activity for younger kids.

Monkeys in Jeopardy

A violent storm is raging in the forest. Carried away by gusts of wind, monkeys are falling into the river. Only a vine propelled by correctly typed character sequences or words can bring the simians back to safety.

Players practice typing either sequences of characters or single words in this game. Good drill skills will come in handy here for typing words at high speed.

Magical Duel

A curse has befallen the realm and enchanted all its subjects. The only way to free them is by taking them on in a magical duel and casting spells by correctly typing word sequences and phrases.

Every victory earns players the option to level up their character’s power. This game is all about strategic choices, from which spells to cast to which abilities to enhance. Perfect for those who’ve mastered all the keys and are ready to press on to the next adventure.

Playing Is Serious Business

Typing Pal’s games are designed to build on and enhance skills developed progressively through its proven training method. They also aim to spark enthusiasm among players and motivate them to continue their training.

The first two games let users choose the row of keys in play, so they can concentrate their efforts on a conquering the keyboard one row at a time. For example, focusing on the home row in Cosmik Ball is a great way to reinforce the basic position. Or users can target the top row to practice typing digits while playing Monkeys in Jeopardy.

These games have three difficulty levels, each presenting a different challenge:

  • Beginner — the speed increases slowly, but the points come slowly too.
  • Intermediate — The speed increases gradually, and points accumulate normally.
  • Expert — The speed increases quickly, but the points pile up fast!

Magical Duel is played using the entire keyboard. Each of its eight spells are selected using one of the keys in the home row, encouraging players to always bring their fingers back into the basic position.

As the game progresses, players can increase the power of their spells. The more potent the spell, the more characters to type. Match difficulty is based on the recommended speed and accuracy targets for the player’s chosen age group, increasing from the corresponding beginner to expert levels as the game progresses. This makes Magical Duel an exciting challenge for everyone, from initiates to masters of the keyboard!

Playing is winning!

Winning is certainly one of the most satisfying parts of gaming, but the most important thing is playing! There are all sorts of ways to win with Typing Pal’s games.

Both Cosmik Ball and Monkeys in Jeopardy have high-score rankings for arcade-style play, so users can try to really rack up the points. 🏅 There’s always a high score to beat!

Magical Duel challenges players to beat all the game’s opponents and finish every round to win. Embarking on this adventure is sure to unlock new achievements and deliver delightful surprises.

Players can also earn badges for meeting different challenges in each of the three games.

In closing, a tip for school use: if your students like practicing with games a little too much, you have the option to block access to them. But don’t forget to re-enable them every now and then for the avid collectors in your class!

Ready to protect the galaxy, save primates from danger or become a master of magic? Click the Move on tab, then the Games link and rise to the challenge!

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